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Well, hello there! Please take a look at the personal stuff below and if you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me via the contact button at the bottom left corner of this page.

I am currently working as a full-time Systems & Cloud Engineer/Architect in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Division within the Directorate of Innovation at Arçelik Group.

Please have a look at my Projects page to see what I do as a freelancer.

Personal Info
Name Ege Görgün
DOB 05-Jul-1993

My Hobbies

Also wondering what my hobbies are? Scroll down a bit and find out!

For me, reading books has always been a great refuge and at times a great momentarily escape. Wherever I go, I make sure that I have one tucked somewhere.


Yeah, sometimes I really like to push the 'pause' button of my life simply by taking shots of some important moments in my life!


What can I say, I cannot imagine myself without expressing my feelings and my thoughts by writing.

Playing Tennis

I think it is a nice game to come out and play because it is a combination of physical, mental, technical and tactical skills. As Justin Gimelstob says, "it is just a great feeling hitting that ball cleanly and purely".


My Skills

You may find some detailed information about my skills below.

Web Programming Skills

Java Server Pages (JSP)

Other Programming Skills

  • Java
  • Bash
  • C
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • C++
  • Shell
  • Perl
  • Python

Operating System Competencies                     

Microsoft Windows

8 - 8.1 - 10

Ubuntu Server/Client
Red Hat Linux

(6.1, ES, WS)

Graphic Skills

  • PhotoFiltre Studio X
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4

What I Do

As a multidisciplinary person, I am also interested in areas which are not directly related to my educational background. That is, I not only enjoy doing web or advanced programming but also like managing a business or enrolling in a business environment where I need to make use of my communication skills.
Web Programming & Design

Since my early childhood, I have always been interested in web programming and web design which encouraged me to become a professional in the field.

HTML, PHP, ASP.Net, JSP and SQL are the various web programming languages and tools that I am very familiar with. Photoshop and Coreldraw are the graphic illustration tools that I use to effectuate my ideas related to visual content.

Advanced Programming

As a part of my education, I am also very familiar with these ancient & young brothers: Shell, Python, C, C++ and Java.

System Design & Architecture

I am building and maintaining large scale, high traffic, multi-party IoT and big data systems as a profession. I am reviewing and influencing new designs, architectures, standards and methods, and employing them with state of the art cloud technologies.


You may find some of my projects and their details below. You may click on the related project's preview image to browse its details.
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  • Riverside Houses
  • Gamerz Network
  • Kıbrıs'ta ODTÜ Varmış!
  • Environment Tracking Software (ETS)
  • Luxmatic


You may find some detailed information about my professional experiences, projects and educational background below.

Professional Experience

  • Systems & Cloud Engineer/Architect (R&D) - Arçelik Group

    Developing and maintaining large scale, high traffic, multi-party IoT and big data systems

    Managing the availability, latency, scalability and efficiency of software and systems

    Managing services compliant with standards PCI-DSS, ISO 20000, ISO 22301 and ISO 27001

    Reviewing and influencing new designs, architectures, standards, and methods for operating services and systems

    Keeping track of the latest developments and trends in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and, determining and applying new & appropriate technologies to existing systems and services

    Responding to and resolving emergent service problems; building tools and automation to prevent the recurrence of detected problems

    Participating in software and system performance analysis, service capacity planning, and demand forecasting

    Performing periodic on-call duty as part of a team

  • Web Specialist and Institutional Marketing Officer - Middle East Tehnical University (METU)

    Managing and supervising the design and implementation of METU NCC's new website (published in May, 2016)

    Making data analyses on filling of the student quotas

    Managing METU Northern Cyprus Campus’ (NCC) alumni relations

    Organizing and participating in fairs for prospective students

    Organizing and conducting seminars for prospective students

    Welcoming visitors and guiding them around the campus area

    Managing and representing the METU brand

  • Trainee - SoftTech

    UI Design Database Design JSP Programming

    Development of a Java Server Pages (JSP) based web application called Version Management System (VMS) for the use of The Directorate of Non-Performing Loans Applications (DNLA), where the versions of software developed by DNLA were meant to be monitored and processed. Oracle XE 11g, HTML5 and Java version 1.8.0_20 were used in addition to Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers during the process of development.

  • Trainee - Locksmith Software Technologies

    Testing Logging Troubleshooting

    Testing, logging and troubleshooting of a Java based major module in a large-scale project which was being developed for the use of the Ministry of Economy, Republic of Turkey. Creating necessary database tables in addition to their entity and class files for the logging of the processes involved the effective usage of SQL and Java knowledge.


  • Environment Tracking Software

    Environment Tracking Software, ETS, is a tracking and smart logging system using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN’s) communications infrastructure to track the environment by checking the temperature, humidity and light in a specific area on a pre-defined time interval to decide whether the conditions in the environment are optimal.

    To achieve this, Advantic System's AS-XM1000 802.15.4 motes were programmed with TinyOS and JSP, Java, JavaScript, Bash and PHP languages were used to maintain the web server, which was set up on an Ubuntu platform. MySQL was used to administer and store the gathered data.

  • Kibris'ta ODTU Varmis!

    An online blog/data bank, whose writers are the students of this campus, to help high school students who are considering to apply for undergraduate degree programs at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus.

  • Gamerz Network

    Gamerz Network is a business which provides game server solutions. My position in the project focuses on developing and improving the customer potential as well as the quality and the reputation of the business.

Educational Background

  • Middle East Technical University

    MSc. in Software Engineering (3.65/4.00)

    Focus: cloud computing, Internet of Things, computer networks and network security.

  • Middle East Technical University

    BSc. in Computer Engineering (3.24/4.00)

    Graduation Project: Environment Tracking Software - ETS (keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Java Server Pages, PHP, MySQL, Ubuntu)

    Listed in High Honor Roll for:

    2011-2012 (Fall)

    2013-2014 (Fall)

    2014-2015 (Spring)

    Listed in Honor Roll for:

    2011-2012 (Spring)

    2012-2013 (Fall)

    2014-2015 (Fall)

  • Bilkent High School

    Specialized in Maths & Science (89.01/100)Ankara


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   2928. Sokak, Gonca Sitesi, Oyak 8 Yedinci Blok Karsisi, 9/10,
Cayyolu/Cankaya, 06810 Ankara - TURKEY


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